*New Technology Alert*

When I happen to come upon it, I want to share with you new technology that has the potential to change how we use technology. I will also share my ideas on how it may be integrated in schools and classrooms.

The new technology I'd like to share with you today is called Google wave. This is Google's new approach to collaborative communication. Many of you may be familiar with Google search, Gmail and Google Apps, but this is a new foray into 21st century communication. The new cross platform application is a way to have an online conversation without sending emails to a whole list of people. Instead you can send a message to people, called a wave, where people can add their comments real time. The wave can also include media, such as videos and pictures. Overall, Google wave combines the speed of IM with the thread conversations of an email. To see a video demo if this web app in progress just click this link. Google wave

Ok, I don't work for Google but you can tell I'm a big fan of their forward thinking web apps. Now I'd like to share what I think the applications for Google Wave in the schools or classroom with teachers, students and parents. First, I think teachers can use this program to collaborate lesson ideas, send messages and offer instructional feedback to other teachers. A wave can include multiple teachers, so experienced teachers can be helping a new teacher as an example. Second, I envision students asking teachers for homework help over this software. For example, several students may be struggling on the same math problem. Instead of having the teacher answer the same question 5 times, he can send out a Google wave clarification and help. From there students can collaborate with the teacher to get the problem. Third, Google wave can help parents keep in contaact with that their child's classroom is doing. There maybe a group of parents wondering when a field trip is taking place for their child's class. Other parents can fill them in via a Google wave or the teacher can send out a reminder. These are just a few ways Google wave can improve realtime communication in the classroom.

Can you think of some and share them in the comments?


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